VR — Virtual Reality

A list of questions about new technology.

This is the second part of a list of questions about new technology. I am curious about this topic. How new technology is going to change the world? I am trying to conjuring up an imaginative fantasia to answer this question.

I am sceptical about VR in the food service field but let’s imagine a VR restaurant.

Would you eat in a restaurant in which you “don’t see” the food?
What could make you trust such a place?

Have a look at the Menu!

Would you like to be a lion, hunt an antelope in the savannah and finally experience the rude, wild way to bite it and devour it?
Vegetarian version available!

Why don’t you delight yourself with a lovely slice of brain and a cup of tea with the owner of the brain you are eating. 
Hilarious conversation guaranteed!

Enjoy your candies house.
Kids Menu

Pick your favorite food, doesn’t matter! 
We don’t serve you any food it is just ice cube salad! :-p

Feedback are welcome: 
You can help me to feed my imagination, kill it or just add questions at this list!

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